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Fast time to market, no initial investment and more profitability


From the moment you are certified as Microsoft CSP, in half a day you have the platform ready to use and integrated with your core business. A self-service model that enables you to manage the entire service.

More profitability

Eliminate or reduce the need to support resellers. There is a significant increase in the ability to grow your resellers network because there is less time consumed with each one.

No initial investment

It is a risk-sharing model since the cost of the platform is directly related to your business volume. A win-win model supporting the scalability needs.

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"In our previous portal creating a new customer was a difficult process, with multiple screens and many steps. In CloudCockpit it is just a couple of clicks. This saves me a lot of time and reduces the chance of mistakes."

Lenny Vercruysse

CEO and Founder, Be-Cloud

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